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Stargazing - What to wear!

Lake Tekapo village is one of the highest, populated villages in New Zealand, situated at approximately 730m about sea level. While we do get to enjoy some of the highest sunshine hours in the country, once the sun disappears, it can get very cool due to the altitude and the lack of cloud cover (which is great for star gazing). The nice folks at Earth & Sky, who operate the tours to the telescopes on Mt John (1000m above sea level!!) and Cowans Hill, have put together this handy video to give you an idea of how to stay comfortable if you plan on spending an extended amount of time outside at night during the Summer or Winter nights. If you're not used to life in a colder climate and wonder how the locals survive in jeans and a shirt, they are normally wearing a layer or merino wool under their normal clothes. You see the these two model this in the video....and don't forget the wool socks!!!

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